So, like, I have this fantasy?

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Here’s one for ya.

Whilst bemoaning my sore feet and sore throat at SMack! the other night, I was again reminded why I just don’t like going to fetish scene parties. Whole lotta walkin’ around looking for something (or someone) worth seeing. I hardly saw any play myself … then again, seemed like a girl couldn’t swing a whip without hitting all the spectators in the process.

So I’ve been thinking about hosting a private play party at my studio for a while now. Something small, like, 10-14 people. Thing is, I want everyone to PLAY. One of the ways I thought I’d facilitate that was by having everyone wear a little tag that lists their inclinations for the evening. Like, mine might read:

Hi, My Name is: TROY
Will Top for: Singletailing, rope suspension, trampling
Will bottom for: rope suspension

And then anyone who wanted to be singletailed or suspended or trampled could come up and ask me to do that and I would. Similarly, if I saw someone with a tag that read, say:

Hi, My Name is: BOB
Will bottom for: spanking, CBT, face slapping

And I thought, “Hey! I’d like to spank him!” then I’d be free to say, “Hey, Bob, want a spanking from me?”

You could only ask for what’s on that person’s sticker. (Bob could ask me to singletail him but not spank him, e.g.). All players — Tops and bottoms — would have to agree that all play requests must be honored at least once per player for at least ten minutes, after which either player may say “Mercy” and end the scene. Everyone, in other words, should get to play.

Part II of this fantasy is that I would have one or two service bottoms in attendance. One would be a bondage installation. Catheterized, mummified, with some sort of structural support so that he could comfortably stay in the position for several hours. Perhaps he’d be outfitted with this to make him functional as well. Or install him in the bathroom (ooooh!) with this.

The other service bottom would be a consensual nonconsensual free object. Anyone can do anything s/he wants to him/her at any time. (Okay, okay … Maybe I’d allow a sticker with three hard limits.)

And since this would be a private — i.e. non-client — play party, I would auction off the service bottom positions to non-invitees through my blog and the proceeds would go to my sister’s Operation Field Trip fund. (Speaking of which, there’s an address now to mail your donations directly! Please click the link for details!)

Wow. That’s actually a better fantasy than the one I was originally going to write about …. especially cause this one actually has a shot at coming true!


  1. unspeakable axe
    June 3, 2008

    I loved this post so much I couldn’t wait to comment tonight. So here I am at work commenting via my phone.

    I go to so many (public) parties that seem to be geared toward men. Just reading about this has made it a fantasy of my own.

    Hello my name is: Axe
    Will botttom for:….

    I may need a notepad or two.

  2. Whizzer
    June 3, 2008

    Miss Orleans,

    Here I go being selfish again! Sorry.

    When you say “non-client”, you mean no one paying Tribute that night, yes? Although a small party, perhaps a client or two might be invited in a capacity as a scene friend? Here’s hoping!!

    And I swear I’d come up with something for my sign to say other than:

    Hello my name is: Whizzer
    Will bottom for: MISS ORLEANS

    Included or not,it sounds like a great idea and a whole lot of fun.


    “Anything you want Miss Orleans???”……”Anything you want Miss Orelans!!!”

  3. garrett
    June 4, 2008

    It is a wonderful concept for a party just as you describe it. I can visualize it and I can see it succeeding beautifully.

    As with almost any idea or thought you might post, the reader will naturally imagine or attempt to imagine himself involved somehow. (This is not some sort of presumption of invitation but rather a pure and, I would think, predictably understandable excercise in fantasy.)

    So in my thought process, my interest and desire are clear in my mind as a first thought. My second thought is what goes on the card? And the soul searching for an answer to the second thought obviates the necessity for the third thought. And so goes the recurring cunundrum of BDSM as it relates to FemDomme for yours truly.

  4. MVX
    June 4, 2008

    The idea of a play party in NYC where people actually played is so mindboggling to me that I think my brain just melted.

    What a great idea!

  5. Aarkey
    June 5, 2008

    Play at a play party? WTF are you on???

    Once again, I’m wishing I was still living up in the NY area. Why do you keep doing that to me? :)

  6. Miss Troy Orleans
    June 5, 2008

    Well, this party is just geared to players, period. Maybe slightly towards women in that my interest is to have fun men to play with. Ideally, it’d be like tapas masculino for me. Gosh, now I’m hungry.

    I suppose you could put “Will bottom for EVERYTHING” on your sticker and then list a few hard limits. That’d eliminate the paging through. Though it might be fun to be fondled like that, eh? Dilemmas…

    Mistress Yin and I have had this long fantasy of a swank dinner party in a private room at a real restaurant where each Domme is escorted by a client of her choice. High fetish dress up. Driving all our wired up guys crazy since the ErosTek302 units all operate on the same frequency. Lots of other bits of play going on above and below the table. Oh, the mind swoons with possibilities.

    Oh, dear. I must confess at times I feel more blessed with looks than brains … What is the third thought that creates the conundrum for you?

    I know what you mean. Though admittedly, sometimes the thought of playing in public is kinda intimidating. I can’t tell you how many times I stood in Paddles clutching my little bag o’gear, looking around at all the reasons NOT to play. But the ID tags and the intimate setting here, I’m hoping, will counter that. For all of us.

    Just let me know when you want to come. I’ll tell your KH. 😉

  7. garrett
    June 6, 2008

    “The Third Thought, soon to be released as a major motion picture! Ripped from the headlines of New York’s raunchiest tabloids, The Third Thought…..”

    It’s not very exciting, really, my third conundrum or thought or whatever, or interesting either for that matter.

    But there is good news! I think I could come up with something to write on the proverbial name card after all.

    I imagine that comes as a great relief to everyone else.

  8. Lee
    June 8, 2008

    that would be cool, hope I get a invite.

  9. rob
    June 13, 2008

    I’ve never been to a NYC playparty, but the ones around here in chicago vary greatly. Its interesting how cities differ.

    The fetish bar-scene ones here suck for play, but thats not really the purpose – they’re great for getting dressed up and doing photos – but some of us do break out more elaborate scenes from time to time.

    Private parties at peoples homes, and a few friends’ pro-studios are much, much better. As long as they’re private-invite based. I like the name-tag idea. Its a fun idea to spark play between new folks – sorry we didn’t get to at Shibaricon.

    We also thankfully have a few membership clubs that see a LOT – but they tend to stay pretty separate from the pro scene.

    Regardless we don’t get out as often as we used to. Life keeps getting in the way.

  10. Miss Troy Orleans
    June 15, 2008

    I find the private, in-studio/home parties are ideal for me as well. In no small part because I’m a little over the whole “see and be seen” thing.
    A members’ only club is an intriguing idea. I just wish my space were big enough to accommodate something like that.
    Next go ’round. 😉

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